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Sciences MCQs

Business risk involves all of the following factors except _____.

    1. The more stable the demand for a firm’s products, the lower its business risk
    2. Firms whose input costs are highly uncertain are exposed to a low degree of business risk
    3. The faster a firm’s products become antiquated, the greater a firm’s business risk
    4. The greater the ability to adjust output princes reflect cost conditions, the lower the degree of busines risk

Ex ante evaluation is _____.

    1. evaluation of project after its implementation
    2. evaluation of project during its implementation
    3. evaluation of project prior to its implementation
    4. evaluation of project after its completion

Carrying Cost is the cost _____.

    1. Associated with initiating the work order
    2. Associated with having inventory on hand
    3. Associated with counting and handling specific quantities
    4. Associated with processing theinvoice
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